for collaboration subscribers can use the plotly_POST() function to publish plots from R onto plotly’s web platform. This platform makes it very easy to host/share your graphs, collaborate with others, and is free to use for public graphs.1 Once a plot is hosted on your account, others may copy/fork your graph to their account (with the right permissions) using a friendly user-interface. Here is a quick demonstration of that workflow from inside RStudio:

As long as you can view a plot hosted on, you can bring the data behind with plot into R via the get_figure() function. This makes it easy to access and modify plots created with any plotly.js interface (e.g., Python, MATLAB, Julia, Scala, etc) from your R console.

Not only is this web-based user-interface to plotly.js useful for collaborating with others, but it is also useful for completing tasks that are cumbersome to do at the command-line. For instance, annotations can be added to any plot via a point-and-click interface:

  1. If you need privacy or customer support, pricing options